Invest in a Digital Future

A trusted authority on digital currency investing, Africhain Fund provides secure access and diversified exposure to the digital currency asset class.


The next wave of the digital revolution

Africhain Fund is a digital asset investment portal for individual clients, fund managers and financial advisors. Africhain Fund operates with reputable, secure and well recognized global exchanges, trusted liquidity providers and industry leading partners to trade, store and protect client assets.

Key Features

  1. Reduce Investment Risk:
    Own the largest and most reputable cryptocurrencies
  2. Diversification:
    No single asset makes up more than 10% of our investment
  3. Smart Pricing:
    Access to a network of liquidity providers for trade execution
  4. Dynamic & Easy:
    Active daily and weekly rebalancing and reconstitution of assets

Africhain Fund Top 30 invests in cryptocurrency as an asset class

Africhain Fund offers Smart Price Execution By connecting to a global network of digital asset liquidity providers, Africhain Fund is able to offer customers preferential prices and trading volumes relative to any single exchange. This saves investors time and money.

Cryptocurrencies are securely stored offline with layered encryption & first-grade security protocols. Gain diversified exposure to several digital assets with just a few clicks and have your investment under the Africhain Fund.

Fund Facts

Africhain Fund offers investors an innovative way to invest in digital currencies by offering direct exposure to an actively managed fund of carefully selected cryptocurrencies with prespecified weightings. This allows investors to own and manage their own diversified cryptocurrency portfolio without the need for external fund administrators or the cumbersome nature of owning multiple wallets, trading on multiple exchanges, having many private keys and so forth, Africhain Fund brings expert management and knowledge to your investment and portfolio.

The Africhain Fund Top 30 is an equally-weighted tracking solution that offers investors the ability to passively and actively invest in the largest 30 cryptocurrencies as measured by market capitalization and aims to be representative of the broader cryptocurrency market. This Fund holds cryptocurrencies with real value, reputable development teams and vibrant online communities. The Africhain Fund is rebalanced and reconstituted daily, and sometimes weekly.

Deposit Methods

Africhain accepts deposits in the following three methods:



Deposit via Bitcoin into Africhain Fund's Bitcoin address.



Deposit via Ethereum into Africhain Fund's Ethereum address.



Deposit via EFT into Africhain Fund's FNB business banking account.